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Louisville Marketing Solutions has had the honor of collaborating with Fortune 500 clients on local and regional marketing promotions in the Louisville area. Our experience on the ground means we’re a powerful asset for our clients campaigns. Like a fine suit, every service offered by L.M.S. is finely tailored based on specific products and targets. From strong and consistent performance to engaging communication that brings a smile to customers’ faces, choose us for your new and current product promotions.

Why us?

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    In-Store Marketing

    • Face to Face Marketing
    • On-Site Events
    • Customer Acquisitions
    • Product Demonstration
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    Management Training Program

    • Unlimited Growth Potential
    • 100% Promotion from Within
    • No Seniority
    • Merit Based Advancement
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    On-Site Events

    • Enhance your Exposure
    • Live Local Representation
    • Increased Foot Traffic
    • Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Our Skills

Louisville Marketing Solutions works hand in hand with some of the largest retailers in the world to provide a unique shopping experience for their customers. These customers will not only receive top notch customer service, they will also be educated on the products and services our clients offer through a personalized presentation by our top Corporate Trainers. This unique shopping experience enhances client brand loyalty, which translates into increased revenues for our clients. Overall, the success of our direct marketing approach creates a positive and long lasting impression, not only for our clients, but also for their customers.

Customer Acquisitions
Customer Service