Management Training Program

Learn to manage teams, execute an effective marketing campaign, and proper brand management all with Louisville Marketing Solutions

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The Steps

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Brand Ambassador

As Brand Ambassadors, L.M.S representatives begin learning the steps to executing and maintaining a successful marketing strategy for our clients from within our Fortune 500 retail partners. Brand Ambassadors act as the face of our clients’ brands, helping to expand product knowledge and specializing in customer acquisition. As a representation of our clients’ brands, products, and services, L.M.S. Brand Ambassadors specialize in customer care and support. Once an Brand Ambassador has mastered these skills, he or she may begin to help manage their own campaigns and marketing strategies.

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Corporate Trainer

L.M.S. Corporate Trainers have proven their ability to effectively run marketing campaigns independently. As top performers in the organization, an Corporate Trainer will not only be responsible for managing multiple locations throughout the greater Louisville area, but will also act as a mentor in charge of overseeing new employees through our award-winning management training program. Corporate Trainers at L.M.S. take on more of a leadership role within the office while continuing to build rapport with our Fortune 500 clients.

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Assistant Director

An Assistant Director’s role in the company shifts to the behind the scenes operations of the business. Assistant Directors will be trained on daily protocol, payroll, budgeting, financing, and interviewing future reps, etc. Most importantly, an Assistant Director will help with the expansion goals of the business. With internationally recognized clientele, Louisville Marketing Solutions plans to expand into multiple locations this year.

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Director of Operations

Director of Operations have the most important role in the company. As top leaders, a Director of Operations's primary responsibilities include the in-house management training program and maintaining an overall environment of professionalism and proactivity within our office. Director of Operations maintain the high standards and expectations of our Fortune 500 clients by planning expansion with Assistant Directors, they continue to build teams which can execute our successful marketing campaigns, and they also oversee the daily operations behind the scenes at Louisville Marketing Solutions. With every Director of Operations starting from entry level, we are able to continually deliver the exceptional results because every Director of Operations essentially understands every facet of our business from the bottom up.

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