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Work with us and work with the best. Louisville Marketing Solutions has worked with the biggest names in the home entertainment industry with the largest retailers in the world!

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    At L.M.S. we develop successful marketing campaigns that bring our clients the results they have been looking for.

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    Customer Acquisitions

    When you combine the education and demonstration our marketing team performs, we are able to close the customer on our clients products and services at the height of impulse.

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    Brand Management

    Louisville Marketing Solutions takes a personal approach to marketing and brand management. Our clients have spent years and years developing their brand. At Louisville Marketing Solutions, we immerse ourselves in to our clients' company culture to further enhance and develop their name and reputation.

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    We understand that traditional forms of advertising such as commercials, billboards, radio, etc. only offer one way communication and often falls on deaf ears. Our unique advertising strategy allows the consumer to not only have a conversation, but also creates a positive and long lasting impression.

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    Customer Retention

    Through our face-to-face sales and marketing approach we build rapport, establish trust, and create personal relationships which pave the way for long-term customers.

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    Customer Service

    In our high tech age, customer service is quickly becoming a lost art form. At Louisville Marketing Solutions, we understand that exceptional customer service is the glue that makes all other facets of our business stick together.

What we do best

We provide unique services to our clients. Thats our thing.

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